• Regarding The chorus in general
  • Thank you so much for the picture. My mom and I had so much fun at rehearsal last night. It was really great to hear some barbershop harmony - you all sounded awesome. Miss Elizabeth, you are a lovely Director. You're doing a great job. Hats off to your tenor. She carried her part well - yummy tone. Your show will be delightful. Enjoy every minute! I know your audience will. All you girls clearly have what it takes to bring each part into comlete blended harmony.
    - L Carlson

    Singing every week with these ladies is such an uplifting experience for me. The power of ringing these chords is truly unique - I encourage everyone to come and listen for yourself! I agree with Fred Moten that we protect our joy by practicing it. Come practice with us and keep the joy of harmony alive!
    - Elizabeth Orr

    I invite every woman who loves to sing but doesn't have anyplace (except the shower!) to vocalise!

    At Voices United Chorus, we promote musical excellence and education while providing performers with opportunities to share the joy of four part a cappella music with our community!

    - Erin Lunn


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