HOLLYGRAMS Holiday Sing-a-grams

10:30am, Sat, Dec 10 2022

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  • Type of event: Fundraiser
    Duration: 2 hrs
    Venue: Anywhere you want us to call!
    Ticket pricing/options: $15 per call, $10 if you order 10+
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    Description: HOLLYGRAMS Holiday Sing-a-grams
    Want to give an unforgettable gift that won't break your budget?
    Let us sing LIVE for your friends and family along with a personal message from you! You know they'll be on their phones anyway, let's kick it up a notch!
    Saturday, December 18 starting at 10:3- am
    $15 per call
    Send us a message with the details from the order form, message us with the order form, or contact a member personally to arrange the gift of music for you!

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